Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mysteries of this world...

A comment was made yesterday asking about the person in my class who only had one arm. They asked why said person was wearing two gloves. Good question. Another person said it was because said person might not want to make it obvious, but if you're only carrying one pole, then, you's obvious.*** But huge admiration to the person, I can't imagine it's the easiest thing to do something as physical and balance-required as skiing with one arm. So that's one mystery.

2nd Mystery: The 46a bus.

In past, I referred to the 46a as a reliable old soul of a bus. It goes up near my hospital (where I was this morning) and I'm always the last person left on it on such days. The bus driver has, in past, driven me up off route nearer the hospital to be nice and I would think "Oh how nice".

But today?! Did someone slip something in their tea???

I was told by the 46a morning driver to get off, because I was the last passenger left and he was "heading back into town now". He didn't complete the route!! He'd obviously forgotten about me and had his mind made up. I was like "doesn't this bus go up there???" and he just told me "em...well...I'm going back into town now, so you'd better get off here". Rudeness.

And then something even MORE bizarre!!

On the way home I was on the 46a, going down the dual carriage way when I notice the bus driver is beginning to get anxious, making frequent telephone calls to someone. He muttered swear words and rapped his fingers on the dash board. Then on his last and final phone-call he said

"There's nobody else around me....I have to go...I have to go!!!"

Being near the front I had a good ear's reach of the conversation and the man on the phone said "OK, turn off the engine and tell the passengers. And turn OFF the engine"

"Well what will I say?" panicked the bus driver

"Just say something about an emergency". replied the man in an assertive tone

So the bus driver takes a deep breath. Steps out of his booth and says:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry....this is an emergency".

Opens the doors. Gets off. AND RUNS AWAY!!!

We watched with confused faces as the bus driver dashed through a car park, reached a bank...and ran inside. And never came back. Ever.


Being ever so witty I said "Does anyone else know how to drive a bus?" and to my shock I heard a woman say "Doesn't Phil droive buses fir CIE?? OW buh isn it his day offf taday?"

So we sat. And sat. Andddddd sat. One idiotic lady got on, and paid and then went and sat down(!).

I cleverly spotted a bus behind and hopped off and hopped on that one. Selfishly I didn't tell anyone else and they all watched with sad faces as my new bus overtook theirs wishing they were as clever as me (as I?).

Anyway, I'll always wonder what happened to those people, where that man went (my mum suggested it might have been he needed the loo) and if he ever came back.

*** I should really tell the story about my aunt who parked in a disabled spot for convenience and then lied about having a fake hand to the tickety man and then made her hand (in glove) move in a mechanical fashion to make it look like she had a wooden hand, and then the suspicious man let her off. But that's for another day.