Monday, March 10, 2008

Update/Downdate on Me

This is more 'olds' than 'news' but sera-sera. Last week's appointment (the one with the wacky bus drivers who neither wanted me to get there or wanted me to arrive home) showed a similar very good lung function (approx 98%) to the last one measured; the finer points were down but by so little that that could be contributed to anything (different machine, different room etc). So where to now?

Well to the Rhino Horn we go. I only do this Rhino Horn yoke for my sinuses about once a week at MOST! So I have now increased it to twice or three times a day, and one 'horn' per side. Which totals four to six uses per day. Then I have to do colomycin nebulisers twice a day with that.

I'm also on Ciproxin and Azithromycin tablets to help and I'll take those for about 2 weeks.

So where to then?

Well being the lucky person that I am, I'm off skiing in the Alps at the end of this week so at the mention of IV antibiotics, I explained that...I'm off skiing in the Alps at the end of this week so that was a no go. He (Doc) was happy to do the above treatment first anyways.

SOOoooooo, the day after I come home I'm into clinic (they want to check if I've been sunbathing I suspect) and decisions will be made then. I can't see IVs physically working as I have no veins for one week of treatment let alone two, but at the same time I'd definitely be up for them as it would mean hopefully getting a clean slate and clearing all that stuff out. Plus I'll be on Easter break so it's not like I'll be missing much.

With my last project in for the year due tomorrow (how amazing that I've missed NOTHING this year??) things are beginning to relax slightly. So all in all, we concentrate on the here and now, and at the moment the most important thing is that I work on not putting my foot into it in social situations as I seem to have acquired a talent for doing that lately. It's hardly related to my health but at least it's something I can control!!! Toodle Pip!