Monday, March 03, 2008


Well skiing wasn't cancelled, in fact we had our lesson on 'snow' which in all honesty was more like ice. Slippy scary ice. But ...

Can someone please hand me a hearing aid, a paper bag for my head, a hole to jump down, the ground to swallow me up...anything!!!

We were practising leaning all the way forward on our skis, with our poles outstretched when the instructor noticed someone only had one pole. She asks:

"'X', why have you only got one pole?!"

What I heard:

"Emm...Because I've only got one pole".

I laughed, because of the cheekiness of it. I mean talk about back answering!! It was funny. If you'd been there you'd have laughed at the blunt honesty too!

Except I heard wrong.

What was actually said:

..."Because I've only got one arm".