Thursday, April 09, 2009

When we were gallivanting and chasing death on the Cliffs of Moher the other day, a young Australian guy asked us to take a photo of him and his friend. Afterwards, he asked us where we were from. We told him we were Irish. He shivered and said 'How do you stick this weather?'

We looked around at everyone wrapped up in their ski jackets, thick hats and scarves, suitable walking boots and hiking, warm gear.

Then we looked at ourselves. One of us was wearing skinny black jeans, black Ugg boots and a zip up Abercrombie and Fitch fleece as an excuse for a jacket.

The other was wearing skinny blue jeans, cowboy scruff style leather boots, a zip up Abercrombie and Fitch fleece and a skinny leather jacket. And a boy style hat.

Both with over sized sunglasses.

I guess you could say, unlike nearly everyone else, we just ignore it.