Saturday, March 10, 2007

I have spoken a few times about the "two Sarahs and us", meaning the "group" in my neighbourhood with whom I grew up with. The laughs we had, the "Kodak" moments we shared and so on. In fact, only recently I recounted how it was funny how we had drifted apart and so forth.

One of the "Sarahs" is moving house in a couple of months, nowhere too far, but away nonetheless. In a sense it is the first official door being closed, if you looked at our childhood as a memory room. Which, thinking about it, is kind of you probably wouldn't.

Anyway, tonight me and the "Sarahs" decided we would have dinner in a nice restaurant, as we hadn't gotten together in years. My sister was babysitting so couldn't come. Despite what she says, she WAS invited, BUT.COULDN'T.COME!!!

We had a fabulous evening, although I really did eat FAR.TOO.MUCH, as I now have a sore tummy and look a bit pregnant. And since I look fourteen, ("oh are you on work experience here??"), I look like a pregnant fourteen year old.

The only dodgy part of the whole evening was when the bill arrived. We looked at each other and tried to see who had done honours maths in school. Nope. None of us. All ordinary level. My ability is the I-can-count-to-ten-and-sometimes-12 level. We had the calculators out trying to figure out how to pay. We all waved fifty euro notes in the air and then sort of worked out how to do it. Despite our flagging of the fifties, we left a €2-something tip. Yeah, did I mention we're tight with money? At least we got a laugh out of it though!!

Tomorrow I will track down the receipt and work out who owes what. In the meantime I shall watch TV until my tummy deflates.