Friday, March 09, 2007

I was up and out of the house, on the road on the way to work at 7am this morning. I specifically requested my chauffeur come no earlier then 7am, but alas she arrived at 6.58! Boy, was I annoyed!!

Once again, I dressed up smartly and pretended to know what I was doing. On a positive note, I did manage to get a few free pencils and a copy of the Irish Times. Due to the nature of the conference, there was a talk (a speech?) on the new Microsoft Vista which I got to sit in on. It was interesting, but I wouldn't think worth the upgrade just yet. Do I really want to fork out all that money for a clock face on my desktop? No. Of course, there are plenty more new features but nonetheless I think I shall wait.

The Irish soccer team were in the hotel as well. Actually they turned out to be the Irish soccer team's coaching team. There sure were a lot of people there!! If only the players put in as much effort, we would have a bit of success!

We were all incredibly curious as to who these Eircom track suited people were, so I approached one and politely inquired. I was told "Well, Dave here is a pro player [Duhhhhh] and I'm a coach". I apologised and said my soccer knowledge was limited. They then both looked at me as though I was some weirdo and walked off. Hopefully my next encouter will be a bit more successful.

We later spotted Packie Bonner from the "Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé....Oléééééé, O-Olé! We're all part of Jackie's army, We're all off to Italy(eeeee)! And we'll really shake it up, when we win the world cup, because Ireland are the greatest football teeeeeeeam!" fame. Am I the only one who remembers screaming that circa Summer 1990?? In fact I used to [attempt to]sing that running around the garden waving the Irish "slag". (I had speech impediments that affected my ability to pronounce "F"s, ok?). Anyway, he was rather tall, and rather serious looking. And he was tall. Very tall.

After work, I slept and arose at 11pm to have my dinner. I retired to bed at midnight. I think I should try and sort my weird sleeping patterns out.