Thursday, March 08, 2007

Today I went to work in the afternoon. I actually worked rather hard too! Not that I don't normally work hard...but...well.....

I woke up feeling pretty sluggish, and having had only my second nightmare in my life I was a little edgy. Eeek.

I rang the Clinic again today, because they forgot to call me back yesterday. Ooops.

They're not going to put me on antibiotics, which I agree with, as although I don't feel 100%, my lung function leaped last week so I'm not doing too badly. Considering this, I also don't want to become resistant to antibiotics either.

The 'bad-ish' news is that I'm culturing pseudemonas. Pseudemonas is a bug I grew in my old lungs since I was about three, and it can do damage. I had suspected it as I'm still...ahem(pardon the pun) "productive"...and my "produce" is "colourful" and smelly/bad tasting too.

I grew pseudemonas in October, but hoped I would have had it rid by now. There have been studies which seem to think that pseudemonas is linked with chronic rejection.

Saying all of this, the clinic are happy not to prescribe anything as I'm not symptomatic.

And saying all that, life is good at the moment so we're not going to worry about what studies show and what is grown in laboratories. Sometimes too much information isn't good for you.

I'm up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to attend something, which I'm still unclear about. All I know is that my trouser suit gets another outing! All's good...(as long as there's food to be had anyway..)
(We had cake at my mom's birthday in November. Amazing!)

Song of the day: Shine - Take That