Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Wow, well *this* is a big chart for someone who looks as healthy as you do! Did you have some childhood illness or something?" - New GP today. *smile*

A perk: I waltzed into my GP today for the first time in...a long time.... to make an appointment. My GP's is by appointment only. The receptionist was VERY busy and asked me shortly the purpose of my visit. Clearly being a bit of a nuisance I told her my reasons -needed to see doctor about getting referral letter and just to chat about misc. She sighed and wrote down my details and the minute I gave my name her face changed. She was warm and friendly and saying how she remembers me (I have a BAD memory!) and then whispered that she could fit me in to see the doctor now if I wanted. How is THAT for customer service! Finally I am reaping the benefits of popping in and out of that place like a (sick) YOYO for years! It's like a Tesco reward scheme...except I still get charged full whack.

The doc was fab and went WELL out of her way to do loads for me - photocopying, looking up meds, and getting me phone numbers. Who knew that the Blackrock Clinic offered FIVE dermatologists?! It's like a catalogue!

Now to get my face sorted. Thanks to steroids, toxic medications, and being 19, my skin is B.A.D. I'm done spending money on MAC. Enough covering up, I want nice skin again!!

-Dinner tonight. Weight is up. Sugars not too bad. I woke up with a '5.7' today which was really good.