Monday, March 26, 2007


I don't have much recollection of this annual event before last year. I was patiently awaiting my new lungs this time last year, and was willing to speak openly about the lack of donors and the importance of same. Which I did.

Today Organ Donation Week officially kicked off in the Mansion House with a speeches and appearances by Ryan Tubridy and Mary Harney (minister of health). I popped along since I had finished my work nice and early. I then got ROPED in to having photos taken, which I didn't really mind as it was for good cause but I was still unprepared. (See yesterday's post about unphotogenic-ness!!).

I had a chat with Mr. Tubridy and said hello to Mary. I met Mary a few years ago and because I am so stunningly beautiful these days compared to then, she didn't have a blue blazons who the heck I was. Yes that's what I'm telling myself...

The speeches were 'interesting'. I don't know what holiday homes for patients on dialysis and the need for funding from the government has to do with ORGAN DONATION though.

...Did I mention the Kidney association organised this event though? And did I mention that Mr. Tubs was under contract to have his photos taken with the kidney association? With all this politics, thank goodness Mary was there to referee it all!!