Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Myself and Mr Tubridy:
There were better ones of both of us, but could either of us manage a good smile, while looking at the (my) camera and at the. same. time? Of course not. Purleaze.

Today was a day off work. I didn't feel super and ended up sleeping most of it. I got up for Home and Away and Neighbours and for some food but then went to have a bath. After my bath it was back to bed. I felt SOOOO tired.

I watched the Apprentice (UK - no orange faces and dodgy looking toupees here) opening episode. It was good, but my goodness the descions made were ridiculous. The guy who got 'You're Fired'-ed looks really really like a guy in my office. I'm talking 'Hey, [guy in office] never told me he was going to be on TV!" similar. I won't tell him that though.