Sunday, March 04, 2007

As I log in to blog this evening, I wish I could write some witty post about how wonderful my monotonous day has been, or crack some woeful joke about some observation I had made about life, but I can't.

Today, the C.F. community lost another member. She was so involved in the community and played such a big role. Parents of people with CF up and down the country (mine included), and indeed people with CF themselves, learned about new treatments and medications as well as handy tips in dealing with daily life thanks to the magazine she edited.

She was a wonderful friend to many. I never met her (although we did pass eachother once or twice) but came so close a few months ago when I went for my diabetes appointment. I had the pleasure of meeting her boyfriend then, but sadly due to timings of appointments, I never got the chance to pop by and say hello.

Her presence will be missed and her absence greatly felt.

I wanted to word this right, and not sound too cheesy or tacky, as she was a wonderful person. I wanted to pay my respects to her, her bf and her family.

Rest In Peace J. xxx