Monday, March 05, 2007

I had many a marvellous plan for my day off today, beginning with shopping in Dundrum to spend my week's wages on some MAC make-up. Before anyone gasps or falls off their chair with the news that I am spending an entire week's wages on make-up, I only get paid cash for my Saturday job, so in reality it isn't that much after all. *Pheee-ew*.

Anyway, I had a dust of a thought that I would also go and get driving lesson number 7 today as well. For some reason my mom wants me to get 10 lessons before I can drive my own car. What is it about the crucial tenth lesson?? Why not nine, or eleven even?

BUT a few things threw a spanner into the works.

  1. I woke up at 12.30pm, which really alarmed me as I take my anti-rejection medications at 10.15, so they were two hours late! Yikes!

  2. In case anyone hadn't noticed, the weather is absolutely woeful at the moment. The wind slaps you across the face, turning your body into a puppet when trying to walk anywhere; the rain spits in your face the moment you attempt to peak out the door, and the stormy weather howls in shouts warning you to stay indoors.

  3. Because of my 'not being able to drive' dilemma, I would have to walk but because of number two, this was impossible.

So my day was spent running over my finances, talking on MSN, watching Aussie soaps, eating food, doing my hair and that was about it.

In a way, the weather describes so accurately the feelings that I know many are having since the news I spoke about yesterday spread. Despite the Spring having arrived, the weather and atmosphere refuses to conform; around it is dark, gloomy and depressing. It makes us want to hide under the bedclothes, curled up in the safe warmth forever.