Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today I returned to work in the pharmacy. It wasn't too busy but the Internet was broken there so I was forced to listen to current affairs on the radio. One thing I hate is being forced to listen to current affairs as I like to listen to current affairs in my own time. Anyway, all I could pick up was some people (I'm guessing Sinn Féin) want to rename Merrion Road in D4 to Bobby Sands Road. Something tells me that will never happen.

The moon turned red tonight for an instant. Well, more like for twenty minutes. It was the lunar eclipse. I tried to get some photos but amazingly nothing would come out!

The parents return tomorrow from their weekend away. That gives us about 12 hours to clean up the house, go find the dog, collect up all the unused drugs and pills and sell them on the market for a good profit and finally, we must throw all the empty beer bottles over the wall into our neighbours garden in an attempt to convince the 'hood that we do not have an alcohol problem...