Friday, March 02, 2007

Allow me to toot my own horn for a minute if I may:

I am a very VERY VERY clever clogs. Clever indeed!

I said yesterday how I was really hoping to pick up some tickets for Oxegen today. I was uber excited about the 'stellar' line-up (which includes Snow Patrol, Muse, The Kooks, Scissor Sisters, James Morrison, Razorlight, The Killers, Mika, Amy Whinehouse to name a few...) and saw yesterday that it sold out uber fast last year.

So last night, I opened up the ticketmaster website on my laptop, where it informed me that Ticketss weren't currently on sale, but they would go on sale at 8am this morning (Fri).

From previous experience, when the site gets clogged with loads of people on at once, you can't even view a page, so I had to come up with a plan...a clever plan.

Instead of shutting down and getting back on at 7am this morning, I left the page open, and went to bed, leaving it all switched on. Then I woke up at 7.56, jumped out of bed, and the web page was still open. I refreshed it, but tickets were not on sale...still!

My laptop clock clicked over to 08:00. I clicked "refresh". Again, nothing. I waited about 4 seconds and "refreshed" again. And again. AND.THEN.I.WAS.OFFERED.TICKETS!! I wondered for a split second, whether I should buy them or wait, but then I decided I would get them. So I bought four, which is incredibly expensive I might add!

All the way into town for work (yes I worked today!), I dithered that I had done the wrong thing, but when I arrived in at 9.20, they were ALL.SOLD.OUT!! That makes me very happy because:

  1. My plan worked so I am clever
  2. I now own something particularly valuable.
  3. It gives me the right to go "TOOT TOOT"

I have just shoved a load of people out of my house, home wreckers they be! If you are reading this (I so know you are!), please stay away from now on. I want to be able to watch my horror movies in PEACE!