Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today was a very 'nothing' kind of day. Nothing really happened, so I reckon that's a good description.

I started taking my 24 hour insulin (Lantus/Glargine) again last night. I took 5 units, which isn't very much, but my sugars have been rather high lately. I am far less bothered about them now then I was back when I was diagnosed, and find myself not really caring when they are going high. I found my old sugar diary that I kept before Christmas, and I was alarmed at how near perfect they used to be. I was having more hypos (when sugar level drops too low) back then, but I was on about 14-16units of Lantus too. I'm not sure what I should do at the moment. Take more insulin, or keep going on with my 'shrugging at everything' attitude. I'm still gaining weight, so I reckon the 'not bothered' way of life is OK for me.

Speaking of which, the Apathy Society planned their annual meeting for Tuesday. It had to be cancelled though, due to a lack of interest....