Friday, March 23, 2007

Good News: My i-pod which decided to sporadically combust/freeze yesterday has fixed itself.

Good News: On FTN they are now showing re-runs of Gladiators! That's right, prime time television from my youth is gracing our screens once again. We now get to chant for "Hunter", "Wolf" and "Sarasan" once more while waving the (one, shared) foam finger about in the air. We (brothers and sister) used to sit and watch it every single Saturday and it always seemed like such a marvellous and spectacular event. Of course, when you're about six years old, you tend to not notice the huge amount of empty seats, the woeful dress 'sense', the campness of the male gladiators or the pathetic nature of some of the competitors. Funny that...

Good News: No work tomorrow!

Not So Good News: Eating 250g of white chocolate while watching TV in bed without creon and without insulin. Yeah not such a good idea...but it DID taste good!

Good News: That chocolate tasted mmmm mmmm!