Friday, March 30, 2007

Driving 10/10!

I have finished my driving lessons! I didn't even do too badly today at all. A really nice double-decker-bus driver stopped the traffic so I could pull out which was really sound. My passionate driving instructor cursed every second word as per usual but in a nice way. It wasn't vulgar and she did it very naturally. She even 'flicked' the driver behind for being impatient. How kind.

I forgot to photocopy my driving license for my insurance form - d'oh! So there shall be an even longer delay in getting my car. Needless to say I'm not impressed. I really need to get myself a personal assistant to do these things for me. I'm an incredibly busy, busy person who doesn't have time (or sufficient memory cells) to remember to do these petty things.

And in 'all other business' it turns out there was a thing on me in the Examiner Newspaper today. I say 'turns out' as though I'm surprised but actually I knew about it but wasn't sure of the day it would appear. And by 'thing on me' I really mean interview. It was very factual and not a 'pulling at the heart strings' article which I'm delighted about. The photo isn't half bad either. I would have scanned it to show but to be frank, I'm just to lazy.

And busy (see paragraph two). Lazy and busy.