Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tonight was a fantastic evening spent down at the dog track. "Dog Track" sounds a bit seedy and odd, but we went to Shelbourne, and in fact enjoyed a private box and our own tote (Tote-er?). It was (my first) a work do, and thanks to the generosity of the big man himself (Mr Siggs!), we all got €20 vouchers to bet with. In total I did well, and came home with nearly €30, having predicted the winner in the last race, and had a great seventh race. Having just one tip really comes in handy!

I downed FAR too many diet cokes though and am now suffering from extreme heart-burn, reflux, gargling, burping, rumbling tummy problems. And to think I gave the stuff up for lent...

I went down today to Dundrum to get some Mac make-up that I had promised myself last week. I had decided to spend my well earned money and bite that Mac-Bullet. When I arrived there though, I was overwhelmed with the number of products on offer, and then the vast choice of colours for each individual product. Anyone who knows me, knows how awfully fickle I am (with ten minutes for betting tonight, I would place my bets a mere 20seconds beforehand!), and sadly had to leave empty handed. "The girl" will be with me in the airport tomorrow though, and she can help me pick there.

And, YES, I am going away tomorrow. It may seem madness that we leave the country on what will be the national booze-fest, but we do things like that. Sadly "the girl" wants to find a pub to watch the match in on Saturday! 'Tis the life of Reilly for some!