Friday, January 26, 2007

No room in the inn!!

The luas(tram), at peak hours is always packed like a can of salami. This morning, my dad came up with the ingenious idea of catching the luas in the opposite direction, and then switching to the one going back again, so as to get a seat. It worked. Just about. Apart from the 'nearly getting knocked over by a 2mph tram' part.

Coming home again, the thing was even more packed. We squeezed on -just about - and it set off. At the second stop, even MORE people tried to cram on, despite our murmurs of 'there's no room'. So a man literally pushes his way on and stands (crushes in) beside me and reaches his arm up to hold on to the bar. This leaves me with my nose touching his armpit. *Disgusting*. So slowly, I maneuver my body around and just as I get into position, I look up and am faced with another man's chest. I slowly look up at him, and as I reach his face, I see his dark eyes glaring into mine. *Yikes*. He didn't look a happy bunny!

It was a very uncomfortable ride for 3 stops, until a man got off, departing his seat, which gave me way to 'fall' and land in the empty seat, despite the fact there were two other passengers clambering for it. Ahhh the ole 'fall and land' trick. Highly recommended!

Work today was enjoyable, as I was allowed in the boss's office again! I actually got in at nine o'clock too, which must be a personal record!

Tomorrow I am up early to work in the pharmacy. And then all I'll have to think about it my trip to Monte Carlo on Sunday! Way Hey!