Thursday, January 25, 2007

*Redbook-Medbook blog updated*

Today I got my second dress...and shoes and bag. I guess you can never have enough of those things really!

I got blood sucked out of me today. I was amazed to hear that some patients don't adhere to taking their anti-rejection medications. It absolutely beggars belief! I mean for goodness sake.

Speaking of rejection and that, I wish my friend 'Harry' all the very best, as she deals with some mild rejection at the minute (not at all related to not taking medications I can ASSURE you!).

Today was work day in the office, and it was so much better 'cause we locked George J Laurer (the INVENTOR of the scanner) out of the room today! I worked with my boss which shows two things.
1) My boss is less nervous of me now and instead of running in the other direction, she now welcomes me into her office-albeit while holding a barge pole. Only joking!
2) She's no longer embarrassed of me.
3) I don't have B.O. Well, she'd hardly let me sit beside her if I stank. Unless she had a blocked nose....Come to think of it, she *did* have a lot of tissues and she *was* sneezing a lot.

I clearly cannot count, as I said it shows two things and I said three things. Well done to those of you who were alert enough to spot this error. Well done to those of you who actually read this far. Well done to those of you who are still reading, even though it's clear I'm just taking up space with my 'Well Dones'. Well done.

Now I need to be asleep early, so as to be able to *Rollllll* out of bed at the crack of dawn tomorrow for work.