Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Later Post:

It was decided today, that I should purchase a second dress for my ball. I'm not going to try and wear the two at the same time, but I'm just about squeezing into the one I have and the mother is worried I'll pop the zip 5 minutes before we're due to leave on the night. Also, I'll need to nip to the 'Ladies' to 'shoot up' my insulin, which will require me to lift up, or pull down the dress- an ideal opportunity for the zip to go 'ker-plunk!'. Besides, as the mother rightly points out, it would be good to have a nice dress for the spring, for more ball like occasions that may arise.

I was in work today, and finished my two folders of invoices. I have another three to go. I have bloods tomorrow in the Mater, so I get the morning off.

I was a bit worried that I may have been having rejection last week considering the utter tiredness, and not wanting to get out of bed antics that I felt. This week, however, I am glad to report, that it would appear it was nothing then a bit of innocent lack of energy, over working etc. I blame George J Laurer (INVENTOR of the scanner). I feel much better now.

Early Post: I have very frizzy bunchy hair, that is neither straight nor curly, but rather just kinky.

The other day I straightened it, with hopes of raising my self esteem which was lowered having being cursed with this hair.

My father came in and said:
Him: "Oh your hair is straight"
Me: "Yes"
Him: "It is very nice" (My self esteem takes a jump)
Me: "Why thank you" (Still glowing)
Him: "Much better then when it looks all 'buzzzz'" (makes an afro shape with his hands)
Me: "What?!" (Self esteem hangs in balance)
Him: "You know the way you usually have it? You know, when it looks like you've had an electric shock? You know, when its all out to here?? You know, all buzzzzzzzz??"

*Self Esteem plummets*