Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am still feeling a bit tired today, so decided to take the day off work again. I will go back tomorrow and face George J Laurer (the INVENTOR of the scanner) and invoices once again.

I got up and had breakfast and tablets and then got back into bed and slept into the afternoon. I think I must have over done it last week, hence causing this tiredness.

I went shopping to Dundrum today, thus getting my daily walk in whilst doing a bit of window shopping at the same time. While in Marks and Sparks, which was rather quiet, I spotted a cashier lady, who looked bored out of her wits reading at her til - Maybe George J Laurer (INVENTOR of the scanner) was skulking about. She looked absorbed in her reading, and unwilling to help anyone, so i presumed it was a rather good read!! When I passed her up close I discovered upon inspection, that this was no Charles Dickens she was reading; no Judy Blume; not a "Heat" nor an "OK" magazine. No. She was reading a children's pop up book! Well, I'm presuming it was a children's one, as I have yet to find an adult's pop up book. And believe me I've looked!

I tried on my dress for my ball today, and thankfully I still squeeze into it. I've never actually worn it before so I felt I should make the effort and give it an outing. It seems I may have put on quite some weight though.

Speaking of which, I had my weekly fix of Mc Donalds. Considering I'm doing so well only having it once a week, I added a hamburger into my mix today. Add that to the total, and I ate 12 Mc Chicken Mc Nuggets, 1 Mc Large Mc Fries, 1 Mc Small Diet Mc Coke, and 1 Mc Hamburger. So many Macs...

My sugars seemed to have settled again today thankfully, although I had a bit of a high reading this morning. I'm going to wait until after my Italy trip to begin weaning again, as its easier to have perfect sugars, then take one less injection and be running high. Running high doesn't make me feel unwell, but I strive for perfection and get very stressed at readings above normal. If you know nothing of the diabetic world, I hope to educate you and not confuse you. I feel I may have just succeeded in doing the latter. Oops..