Monday, January 22, 2007

The Mickey Debate

I mentioned a week or so ago, how I would be removing my feeding tube from my tummy as it has been doing absolutely nothing except for annoying me these past 6months. I wanted to get it out when I had a few days free, in case there was any kind of leaking or anything.

So today, having no work, I decided would be the ideal opportunity. It was my Mom's bright idea to ring my old Children's hospital and get advice about covering it etc. Except, that they were pretty much against the idea of having it out! Now they didn't say 'no' but I was warned of everything that could go wrong, and it was rather risky.

Reasons against:

Image hostingIt's been in for 15 years, thus its a sort of 'permanent' hole, that mightn't necessarily close up that quickly

Image hostingIf I take it out altogether I could leak which would cause burning and infection, as well as a permanent leak.

Image hostingMy tube size is '18French' which is one of the larger ones, so it may be necessary to wean down the sizes instead of taking it out altogether

Image hostingAnd all of this takes time, which since I'm going to Italy on Sunday, means I don't have a lot of time to be messing about.

Reasons for:


I want it out now!


Its hurting me sometimes, just having it in.


If I don't have it out tomorrow I will have to keep it in for another 2 weeks, and thus have it in for when I go my fab ball.

So all this causes the 'Mickey debate'. I don't know what to do really. I am aiming to do it tomorrow, but if it turns out I do need to fill it with a smaller tube, I have no way of getting one, bar going around hospitals looking for them. It's a bit of a mess really. Puts my complaining about scanning into perspective. Where is George J Laurer (INVENTOR of the scanner) when you need him?

On a diabetes note, I have decided to go back on a small amount of my 24hour insulin as I'm still having highs of about 14 and I'm not too happy about it. I'll try again in another few weeks. Over and Out..