Sunday, January 21, 2007


I can't recall my first meeting with Helen, I guess we were about 14/15, and only got know each other from assigning ourselves to the same lunch table - we had a mutual friend. From the moment I saw her, I *knew* she was the one. Hah hah! Just kidding...

I have no memories of Helen before that, as I remember seeing an old photo of her, pre hair straightener days, and thinking I'd never seen her looking like that [bad] before! An early conversation with her went something along the lines of

Me: "Omg Eileen, I was sitting in history, right, and then I realised-"
Helen: "Helen"
Me: "-that I'd forgotten my book and....what??"
Helen: "My name's Helen; You called me Eileen..."
Me: "No I didn't"
Helen: "Yes you did"....and so on.

I thought I'd offended her, what with the hostile tone she spoke to me with. But I think she's getting over it now.

So my ode to Helen:

I have a friend called Helen,
Whose head is the shape of a melon,
But it doesn't matter because I like Helen,
Even though her head is the shape of a melon.
One day there was a pond and I thought she fell in,
But she didn't 'cause she's Helen
I like Helen, and I also like melon.
If I had to choose I'd choose Helen, not the melon.
But if given the choice I'd have Helen sharing a melon...with me.

The last part doesn't rhyme I know, but it took me hours to perfect that poem, and I am just so tired. I have been drinking Coffee all night, pencil in the ear, scraps of paper all over my desk, with my dim desk light shining on my work. I edited and edited that poem until it was just right. And now the sun is about to rise; the world is awakening from his slumber and I, having completed a successful night's work am about to *Rolllll* back in.

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