Saturday, January 20, 2007

This evening I heard a story from a girl, about how a boy once called her an idiot. This is not the first time I have heard this story; in fact, I hear it, word for word, tone for tone, expression for expression, every single time I'm over at her house. I asked her how long ago this incident happened, to which she replied "Oh years ago".

This girl is five years old.

I feel very old.

While over at her house babysitting her and her sisters we watched High School Musical. We then went back and picked songs and sang and danced to them ( I was in heaven!), taking turns playing the different roles.

In all four songs I sang, this was the person I played:

No, no. Not the girl in the pink; I played the camp brother (who is a little *too* close to his sister for comfort in most scenes)in the ridiculous green farmer's hat. Over and over again.

Yes here the weirdo is again.

I also worked today. Thankfully George J Laurer (INVENTOR of the scanner) has no place in my pharmacy, so I got to do other things for a change. Like use the pricing gun and.....em, use the pricing gun. I also got to set the pricing gun and generally use the pricing gun. It's amazing what you can do with a....never mind.

Tomorrow, I will get up early and make an ode to my best friend Helen. Any words that rhyme with 'Helen' are gratefully received. And yes, I already thought of melon.