Friday, January 19, 2007

*UPDATE: My sugars reached an outstanding (in the league of worst sugars) 18.9 before dinner!! Can you believe it? Too many cream cakes me thinks...I think I'll go back to my 24hour insulin tonight, just a few units. I just thought I'd say that, so you can all update your medical charts on me. That's 18.9 at 7.45pm. 17units of Novorapid self administered...

WOW! I really feel today that I am the luckiest girl alive! Do you know why?? Well...I went into work, was taken out of the cold basement where I was put yesterday, moved up the house and actually got to share an office with another HUMAN BEING (poor thing), and was given a DELL non crashable computer! And then what happens?? THEN, just as things are really looking great for me, I am told to SCAN!!!! *shudder* Ever go through a whole day thinking you've been there before? Oh wait, I WAS! Honestly if George J Laurer (the INVENTOR of the scanner) was in my office I would throw that stupid, stupid scanner at his head. And I wouldn't miss. Can you tell I *love* scanning??

I found my USB cable last night too. As an aside, I wish to rectify a *small* error in yesterday's blog. I *mistakenly* thought there was a thief who resembled my brother in the house who had stolen this cable; in fact that thief had a greater resemblance to the desk drawer in our study. Whoops!

With regard to my sweet blood (diabetes) I had another high reading yesterday of 13.9. I seem to be having one high every two days, so its something to watch. On the other extreme I had two hypos (whoah that's too low a reading) since yesterday. Honestly, if its not one thing, its the other with me. And now I've just ended my blog on a negative note. And now I'm being negative by pointing out this negative ending. I'm off for food. *Assumes Hunter-Gatherer poor postured-round-shouldered-arms-swinging-in-front-while-grunting-and-sniffing-out-food-with-nose mode*

Below is Tower Bridge

And here is me on London Bridge

There is a difference, but most people confuse the two. As my friend says "See, London Bridge is actually a trick..."