Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This morning I woke up at about 5.45am and got ready for my trip to London. This was just a day trip, primarily to sight see and shop. The flights were cheap with Ryanair, so it was a case of 'Sure we may as well...'. Unfortunately my sugars had been extremely high during the night, as I stopped my 24hour insulin yesterday, so this morning they were 13.8. Usually they would be about 4.5ish, so this was alarmingly high. Thankfully they settled down to about 7.5 during the day, but again this evening, shot up to 14.9. NOT GOOD.

So this morning me and my two friends set out and I can honestly say, I had a fab time. I laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my face! We got to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace; we had a pretty good bus tour (which we hopped off of), thus seeing plenty of the main sights; we went to see Covent Gardens and Oxford Street and went shopping too. One name: TOPSHOP. It is simply amazing. The girls had been going on about how much better it was compared to Dublin, which I shrugged off as they have an obsessive compulsive passion for anything involving exchanging money for goods. But when I saw it, I was shocked. If you ain't been, GO!

There were some rude people about and I definitely think those people 'up north' (Newcastle) are a LOT friendlier, but they were ok overall.

The commentary on the tour bus was punningly bad, which made us laugh. The recorded male voice spoke his best Oxford English, in a slow monotonous manner, but oh dear, the jokes were woeful! I can't even remember half of them, because the majority of the time was spent cringing for him.

The rest of the time I looked the stereotypical tourist for the simple reason that I have an absolute phobia of pick-pockets which resulted in me keeping my camera, phone and large purse in my coat. And yes I wore my pocket filled ski-jacket, which over my skinny jeans looked even bigger. I didn't mind much though, I mean that's what I was after all, a tourist!

Queen Lizzie must have been at the wrong airport as I didn't spot her, nor her me. Remind me to give her a buzz tomorrow regawding that.

I had an absolute ball, and memories which I will treasure forever. You can't put a price on memories, but if you could, the laughs, giggles, immature comments and hilarious antics would be worth thousands alone. God we were messers...

I'm a wee bit tired now, so I'll have to update more about London tomorrow. Please hope for lower blood sugars, as I don't like having them this high. And hello to dear EILEEN who is vacationing (without me, as I wasn't invited!!) down the country at the moment! x