Monday, January 15, 2007

*Red Book Blog Updated*
Today I had my first appointment at the endocrinology clinic, also known as the Diabetes clinic. I think I need to study my dictionary some more, because I was almost certain that the word "urgent" meant "as soon as possible!!" Oh well, my "urgent" appointment (made 6months ago) went well. They are keen to start weaning down my insulin, and as of today have cut out my 24hour insulin altogether. It basically means one less injection and that injection was actually the one that always stung, so I like this new plan.

In October with my breakfast I would have needed 7-8units of insulin to keep my sugars right; this morning I took 4units and I had a "hypo" (went too low, risk of collapse yadda yadda). So hopefully that example, basically helps to explain the need for LESS insulin. As the ad goes "Less is more".

I watched the Crystal Maze this evening which is possibly the funniest show on TV today (albeit a re-run). For anyone who used to watch it in the nineties like me and my brothers used to do, it is being repeated on FTN nightly at 6pm. Fantastic watching if you get a chance...

Tomorrow I am off to London for the day with two friends. This means I will either crash in her house tonight or have someone pick me up at the ungodly hour of 6am tomorrow morning. I wonder whether Queen Lizzie will be waiting to greet me to her kingdom. Maybe I should call ahead and make sure she has a chicken-mayo panini waiting for me...I'll bring the insulin... Ta-raw!

Song for the day: "It's All About You" - McFly. (I think that title makes a very good point!)