Sunday, January 14, 2007

I slept in this morning, only rolling out of bed briefly to get my Anti-Rejection Medications at about 9am. I then did a highly impressive hop-skip-leap and dived back into bed. Later I arose and decided that I needed to be productive today. One of my blog readers stole my 'I feel like a swim' idea from yesterday's blog and texted me asking to go swimming. So that's what we did. We cycled down to Stillorgan, behind the restaurants and pubs on the way, past the church and through a random estate until we emerged from a hole in the wall and into the swimming club complex. We got about 90minutes in the pool, and had a good natter afterwards. For the past while, I have been doing plenty of activities to keep me busy, but not as many 'me time' things like I was doing back in the Autumn.

I had a nice big Sunday dinner a while ago. Speaking of FOOD, I made my very own and first panini last night on the George Forman Lean Mean Grilling Machine! It wasn't as good as the cafe next to work, but it was still nice!!

My latest *mission* (Yes there she goes again with another crazily concocted plan, thought of at about 3am in the morning, whilst having a nice wee hypo) is to get photos of me taking my Anti-Rejection medications in the weirdest places possible. I was originally inspired to do something along those lines when I was recovering from my transplant and there was a photo of a girl taking hers in China (or some other amazingly distant place) up on the 27a noticeboard. I thought, that is *SO* cool, and minus the wide rimmed hat, I wanted to be like her!! So since life is short, and we never know what's going to pop up around the corner, I thought I would get cracking and get as many (photos) as possible.

I have plans for my first photo which hopefully will be taken on Tuesday when I'm in London. If successful, I will post pics here next week (providing I find that pesky usb cable).

With that firmly in your minds, any suggestions-weird or otherwise- will be warmly welcomed!

Song for the day: 9-5 by Dolly Parton.