Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update @ 10.15pm: My msn has been acting up all day. I am unable to send any messages but am still able to read any sent to me. I apologise to those who think I am ignoring them, rest assured this isn't my fault! Hopefully things will have fixed themselves by tomorrow, and I shall talk to you then!!

*I FIXED THE BEBO LINK AT LAST* (mission for the year done and done!)*

I rolled out of bed to get my anti-rejection tablets and then crawled back into bed. The dog followed. I don't think hospital would approve.

I awoke much later and had some "Snap, Crackle and Pop". Thankfully my sugars have stayed around 6ish since last night. It's not perfect, but very very nearly perfect so for that I am grateful. I think I will celebrate with a pint of Coca Cola - Insulin not invited.

I wonder how much more free advertising I can do in this short blog. I think I need a break...Oooh a Kit-Kat!