Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nooocastle 9-11th

Red Book Blog updated
Well, I left on Tuesday evening and came back late this evening. Probably the most important news is that there was no rejection or infection present in my lungs. The told me that technically its still fairly early on from transplant, and it's normal for these things to rear their ugly heads, so I was delighted when all came back negative. I am so lucky to still be doing so well.

I got to peep on to ward 27a to pick up my keys for the flats and saw two of the girls who looked after me. They both looked well. The ward seemed rather quiet, but I was informed two transplants then took place that night. It's always fantastic when you hear of transplants happening. I bumped into my coordinator Lisa, and we both remarked how fast 6months have flown.

At clinic, the phlebotomist (blood taker lady) was rather shocked and appalled at my '4 stabs at blood' stories and said that one go should suffice. I am going to keep that in mind from now on!

They were all lovely in clinic and all remarked on how well I was looking. I'm guessing it was the new mop chop and colour that did it for me! Paula the transplant clinic nurse even liked my 'diamond' watch, I guess they just go out of their way to flatter me over there!! Either way, it worked.

After the bronchoscopy, I went up on to 25. There was an absolutely lovely nurse looking after me there, which would be up to the 27a standard. BUT sadly, this morning nobody could wake me up! The night staff tried and then the day staff had a go, but I was a non mover. In the end the head nurse in charge remarked how it was 'my right to stay in bed'. GO HEAD NURSE! I should have got her name, but I didn't. The lovely nurse, who I also didn't put a name to, said how I was a bit of a 'character' and that three nurses had tried to get me up. At least I'm good at standing on my own two feet and not backing down. OR should that be, good at lying on my own two pillows and not sitting up...

Professer Corris (spelling?) said he was very pleased with me. I think my ears were a bit sensitive though, as it sounded like he was shouting the whole time. But what he was 'shouting' was all good.

We had a bite to eat in the hospital restaurant and then went to the Metro shopping centre where I found a nice couch outside House Of Fraser to sleep on. I continued to do that for 2 and a half hours! But it felt good and I felt good afterwards. I think the security men were getting a bit suspicious that I was some sort of (nicely dressed) homeless bum, but I gave them one of my dimple smiles, which did nothing, and then I moved on in search of food. I realise I'm beginning to make myself sound like a bit of a stone age hunter gatherer here, which minus the uni brow and poor posture I guess I am. ANYWAY, I bought nout in the metro, but picked myself up a snazzy new ipod in Dixons/Currys at Noooocastle ehhhhport (who else didn't know they were the same thing?!) and looked forward to just going home. Which would be here and now. I'll be back over in July for my last appointment. It'll be a sad day, but a happy day all mushed into one! One might* call it bittersweet.

*Use of word 'might' as I'm actually not sure if that's the correct term, I stopped revising my dictionary a few days ago, and with morphine still running around my body, my heads a bit confuzzled.