Monday, February 11, 2008


Well if truth be told I had a pretty crummy Sunday and a pretty tiring weekend (except for EILEEN's party obviously). Clinic was scheduled for tomorrow but last night I just felt so 'wan' I decided to ring up and go over this morning. Or get my Mom to ring and then I'd go over.

Interestingly, to my amazment, my lung functions are great! They're at about 3.04Litres which equates to 97-98%! So that means that my lungs are still functioning good (no rejection), despite the yucky symtoms I've been experiencing.

Got blood first go (like turning on a tap in fact) although the only results I heard back this afternoon were my White Blood Count which was "normal".

My glands are swollen at the moment though and so this morning it seemed combined with my symptoms that glanduler fever (tiredness and 8 hour naps!) was the culprit. But then the doctor this afternoon disagreed. So "mystery illness" it is then!

They are examining my blood for all sorts of sorts so hopefully that will show something and nothing. In the meantime I'm on a course of Zitromax (we are "treating this blindly" for the moment).

Now aren't you glad I poured my inner most health thoughts out. So we can now go back to not worrying again ;)