Sunday, February 10, 2008

Same Old & Parties

Some of you who have been wasting your lives reading this dribble for a while will remember EILEEN. She used to be the one I always had to mention but then I stopped. Anyway you oldies will be interested to know that EILEEN is also growing old. She's now (nearly) 21! It was her party tonight in fact. We went to a restauant and had nice food and then went off out to McGowan's.

I went off to a lecture in Trinity today where I learned all about careers available for psychologists. Then I went shopping and searched high and low for the present I wanted to get the girl and couldn't find it anywhere!

Anyway along my travels I received a text fromher. Having read this blog she was concerned I was rather unwell and perhaps I shouldn't come out after all. Now, I don't remember but I'm sure I said 'I'm not worried so you (all) don't need to be either" and that still stands. Yes I am sick but most importantly, I STILL HAVE MY APPETITE. And as I mentioned, EILEEN'S party was at a restaurant - paid for!!

...In all seriousness though, please don't be getting worried about me! I'm fine. And I'll have a much clearer picture of things on Tuesday where I promise to blog right from the clinic walls*.

Things I enjoyed tonight: Being able to sit down with friends and have a three course BIG meal. If you did not know me 19months ago, you may not realise just how significant that is. (Anyone from school remember me trying to eat a banana for lunch?!)

Anyway, happy birthday, birthday girl! She doesn't have any friends so please wish her a happy birthday if you read this; it will make her feel like a human.

*So not happening but you get me!