Friday, February 08, 2008

Aimless Naps etc Continued...

Well I rang my team this afternoon. Just because I felt I should. My wrist was a bit puffy yesterday morning (kinda like old ladies' ankles are only it was in my wrist) which is a sign of fishy buisiness. They said it was probably related to this infection.

They looked up my lab results which show I'm growing Pseudemonas in my lungs (pre-transplant bug - nothing TOO much to worry about there!) and that Smarties Ciproxin should work for that. But alas it doesn't.

On Tuesday they'll do a full review of me and may do a "few extra tests" and "have a look at a few things". I'm itching to see how my lung functions are. Most crucially (I feel like being dramatic so shush) what my nurse said was that perhaps I may be someone who needs IVs for infections if oral tablets don't work.

To be honest I'm a bit hesitant considering my past experience in September, not forgetting my absolute shiver-down-my-spine-turn-blue phobia I have for drips in my hands and arms - And I'm really not being dramatic about that one, remind me to post about that another time, it's interesting studying psychology and seeing what long term effects one can suffer from a bad experience! So if it was the case of needing IVs, perhaps an alternative to sputty lines would be looked at.

That being said, however, it might be good to wipe the slate clean with a good dose of IVs, I just hope they wouldn't be very often!

As well, I may well be jumping the gun a whole lot here, analysing where I shouldn't be analysing, so shoot me. Or go away!