Wednesday, February 13, 2008


As some of you may remember, I spent a few months last year during Skiing season finally learning how to ski. On our dry slopes here they have five sets of lessons: A-E. 'A' for people who have never been on skis before and 'E' for which "teaches variations on the parallel turn, practising techniques for confident and efficient mastery of the pistes!"

Last year I got as far as D4.

I got back up tonight and I had forgotten everything. EVERYTHING. It didn't help that they gave me 140 size skis and not 150s which I'm used to. That set me off because it was different and I don't like change.

So I'm off to book lessons.

Still, my friend who I went with is 17 so when they asked her age they presumed I was the same age, so I paid child's fare.

Rosie: 1, System: 108583025872. Take that SYSTEM!!!