Thursday, October 11, 2007

Learn from experience

I pretended to make a phone call earlier, but really rang to check my credit. I swear it's not something I do often but sometimes you need to look as though you're doing something when standing alone...Anyway I was shocked and dismayed to learn I had €1.81 left. This morning I had nearly €4!! Stupid credit.

When I got home to the house I listened to the voicemail messages and the second one was very hard to understand. I could almost make out my own nasally pig voice, but upon looking at my phone, it was clear I wasn't making a phone call by accident or anything. Gosh this message is never ending, I thought to myself! Seriously...Never.Ending. I didn't have time to listen to it all to get to the 'delete' options- it was so gosh darn LONG!!!

And then it dawned on me, €4 this morning, €1 now...I hadn't sent that many texts...Upon checking our caller ID, my heart sank when I saw my number flashing. That cost me €3!!!! Why can't i learn to LOCK MY PHONE!