Friday, October 12, 2007


Physio continues. It's the weekend, and I'm so relaxed knowing I'm not working tomorrow. I'm off to the Ireland soccer match in fact, and then I'm going to use my last €1 of credit to stalk EILEEN afterwards.

This weekend will be spent doing terribly boring things: shopping, tidying, writing, working. I seem to be napping again, so I need to CUT THAT OUT.

The psychology is going well. It's interesting which is good, because I find one is always more enthusiastic to learn when they're interested in what they're learning. I had to enlist the help of EILEEN for one of my homework assignments yesterday. Predictably she refused to take the exercise seriously. Well, eventually she sort of did, but I had to change some of her answers int the end - I had to paint myself in a good light after all.

The task was to describe me in 10 words. I had to write down what I thought she'd say and then I'd compare them. For confidentiality reasons I won't post her answers as that would be a bit unfair since I didn't ask (...actually did I ever ask her permission to mention her on the blog in the first place?!) but it was interesting nonetheless. She did mention I was forgetful and hungry. I took out the latter one. I like to eat, that's all. And I left in the first one because I get headaches with my forgetfulness. I think. Do I? She also may have said I was 'cocky' but I switched that to 'confident' - it sounds better that way.

So, all's going swell on that side of things. I'm off for a sleep now. Have a nice weekend!