Saturday, March 19, 2011

I promise to try harder....

I once read -somewhere- that the man who lies is more honorable than the man who just avoids telling the truth, because the man who lies has convictions. Or something? (I'm not sure if 'honourable' is probably the right word there...anyway I got what the guy was trying to say) I should really close this blog down if I'm not going to blog....or leave it open, but blog. As per usual, lack of blogging can be put down to being well and being busy.

In my defense, I did log on last week to update, but then, something happened, I don't know what, but I got distracted and ran off.

I have one week to go before I submit my final year thesis. How scary. Four years have flown by, and in many ways I feel so much older now when I look back. But most of the time, I feel as immature as ever. Last week I paid child's fare on the luas (passing myself for 15 years or younger) and actually got stopped by an inspector who said nothing, but then threatened to throw the sixteen year olds sitting behind me OFF for trying to fool him. I felt a pang of guilt about that one considering they were probably only a few months over the age limit, unlike my EIGHT YEARS ...oops.

My health has been good since January. Another blip with digestion, which I think I caught early, time will tell. I got two bad migraines last week (bringing my lifetime total to three) where my sight completely went screw ways, so I need to go to an optician and get that checked out. In fact Specsavers sent me some reminder something through the post that same day but ironically I couldn't read what it was they were telling me I should have done.

I lost my diabetes blood sugar monitor for a few months there, so got myself another one and have really worked hard at controlling my sugars. I'm proud to say that's going well. I had my thyroid function checked (at this point, I have no idea why they wanted that looked at, probably to find something wrong with me beginning with the letter 'T') and that was fine.

Last week I won an ipod shuffle. So I'm going to try jogging again soon. Because the shuffle won't be as annoying to lug around as the iTouch is. And that's the only reason why I am not a cross country champion by now, obviously!

So many a grand plan, many things going on, once I hand in this thesis I feel I will have accomplished SOMETHING anyway. I will try and update again next week.