Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When I did my lifeguard training, my body felt like it had been through hell and back for three days; that no matter how much I slept my body felt like it had not rested at all. That was the biggest physical challenge I have ever done. Some may argue that in fact I've been through a lot harder, but in reality, my body in my past medical endeavours - while extremely difficult at times- kind of just went along with the flow...ish.

In exactly 36 hours, I will hand up my thesis. This is by far the greatest mental challenge I have gone through. It's never ending; it's never right; it's difficult.

So if I EVER say again that I wish to put myself in the position where a thesis is required of me, please tell me no.

....I am referring to Monday, when I will be applying for a Masters. Someone save me from myself.