Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I feel a lot better than I did a few days ago, and indeed, this time last week! I'm just tired. Very, very tired. Not in a need to sleep kind of tired, but worn out kind of tired. I think of things like going to get a cup of tea and in my head it takes me seconds to get to the kitchen and boil the kettle. But in reality, my legs and back seem to move so slowly and when I'm walking, it feels I can go no faster.

I feel like I'm getting so much better and then I see myself in the mirror and I look like an old lady! Although an old lady with a normal looking face it must be said; the one which looked pale and swollen has gone, thankfully!

I think the Tamiflu (which I stopped today) or the IVs have left this balm of nausea just below the surface too. So I'll be happy when I finish treatment some time this week. Or happier still when the PICC line is removed. Because then mentally I know, it will mean I am better. I had the whole site dressing changed yesterday and having been cocooned for a month in the exact same spot, it's now really tender to move it in any direction except the one it can stay in for the longest.

While the PICC line is great because it means no hunting for a vein, and things can just be done hassle free, in my head it also means that IVs are a quick option. "Hmm, maybe you need IVs...oh you have a PICC? Ok well here's two, take them three times a day for ten days" kind of thing. Not that that's how decisions are really made but still.

Apart from that, I'm taking this week off college; it's the first time I've decided to take time off like that in advance in my four years. I'm sure I'll regret it next week when I have a mountain to catch up on, but oh well!

Ps: I'm reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini at the moment and it's excellent. It's the second book I've read in about eight years - the one good thing about being sick is it leaves you lots of reading time!