Friday, January 07, 2011

NEVER blogging AGAIN


Talk about jinxing oneself!!!!!!

I've felt for a while now that I only ever seem to blog when something is going amiss with my health. Probably because when something is going amiss with my health, I'm generally stuck at home and have tired of refreshing Facebook over and over again.

Anyway my health WAS good until hours after I posted the last day.

Then I went to clinic. Everything on the check in assessment looked good. Had my PICC line flushed, blood taken. Wouldn't be needing that bronchoscopy. There was talk of removing my PICC line. I went to wait to see the doctor and......BAM. Suddenly it felt as though the world had jumped into a freezer. Nothing would warm me up. So my mom (who normally doesn't accompany me on such dates but did so on this occasion in case I was having a bronchoscopy) asked for a thermometer and sure enough within about half an hour, I had developed a temperature.

So I got some paracetemol but just felt worse. An hour later my temperature was still climbing and it was suspected I had contracted the dreaded swine flu. I would start Tamiflu; the PICC line would stay in; I would start more IVs (at home as there were no beds which was fine because the thought of having to say no to every hospital "meal" offered made me feel even more tired) and go home to bed.

At home, I got worse, threw up, temperature persisted, my face felt like it had been punched by a double decker bus, I could only really open one eye, I felt plain miserable.

Then yesterday evening, I began to feel better.

BUT me being the complicated me couldn't ever have things run quite so smoothly.

I had a phone call from my team (who I was keeping in contact with twice a day since ideally I would have been in hospital) to say that my PICC line actually showed a growth of e-coli. I don't really know what that is except it isn't too good. Except that as it happened, the IVs I am on are used to treat that kind of bacteria anyway.

So the PICC line has to come out. But then there's no way they'd get another one in. And if I'm feeling better it means the antibiotics are working. So maybe it's ok to keep it in for as long as I continue the upward trend, they think. I still feel really, kind of weak. And tired. But it's only been a couple of days to be fair.

So what about the swine flu? Well, apparently it would seem this 48 hour drama was actually a line sepsis, which all kicked off when the nurse flushed my line at my initial check-in assessment. I'm still waiting to see if I actually tested positive for the h1n1.


...ok well maybe, to be continued would be better!