Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's been over two months since I've blogged, apologies if you're the one person who still checks in here! I guess over the past year or so, my life has become rather monotonous...while not necessarily mundane; but follows a fairly normal routine, with normal goings on. Which if people wanted to read about, well then they could probably write in their own diaries and read back. That's not to say life isn't exciting - it is - but I'm so thankful and grateful that my life has reached a rather predictable plateau.

My health has been good. Not perfect, but good. I have a much greater control and understanding (and acceptance) of my digestive issues which I felt utterly plagued by in the Autumn.

The only unwelcome health wise issue that cropped up was that I developed pneumonia at the start of December. I became symptomatic fairly suddenly (with chest pains) so luckily got myself sorted rather speedily too. I spent two weeks on ivs, and while I was certainly almost near perfect afterwards, I wasn't *quite* perfect. So I got to spend the holiday season with a lovely PICC line Christmas decoration in my arm, which I have become pretty accustomed to now. Funnily enough, the reason for keeping the line in was because on Tuesday I have a follow up appointment (I think a two week check up?) and if things are funny again, they'll want to do a bronchoscopy which requires a touch of sedation, and they don't want the hassle of finding a vein!

Last week, I picked up some relative of that nasty virus that went around. It only lasted 24 hours, but now I'm coughing again. It's understandable since I don't have a great immune system for shooing these things away. And the Christmas season, whilst not the ideal time to be sick, actually reminds us of how lucky we are to *only* be dealing with a virus. Having a crappy immune system is the price I am very much willing to pay, considering the 50 other weeks of the year I am able to run about as I wish. One must not get greedy!

So apart from all that, I took up a temporary job in December, just for a few weeks which I hope to go back to in a couple of months. I'm also writing a thesis. Which I thought would kind of be like writing an essay; it would take a few all nighters and loads of diet Coke. I think that plan is becoming less and less feasible as the weeks pass by. I'm also in college full time. And also going out. And getting away. And having fun, too.

So yes, setbacks like to set in every now and again. But the trick is working out how to get and do what I want and working around the set backs. Or just throwing a load of antibiotics down to deal with the set backs and concentrating on living life :)