Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There is nothing like a entire night spent out of bed in pain to realise a 'stomach problem' really can only be avoided for so long. A trip to the hospital after college has resulted in me being kept in for tonight and potentially tomorrow while they work on treatments. Well actually, the treatment for the stomach is not that complicated or complex, it's just that they want to observe me over night. I'm not going to complain, if they have nice painkillers in that building which will result in a night's sleep, I will gladly be the first to sign up.

I also notice when I talk out loud to other people (and not just to myself) it's almost like I can pieces of a jigsaw fall slowly into place.

"So this pain came on last night?"
"Yes, and I never want to feel it again"
"Were you feeling ok yesterday?"
"No, I was a bit off yesterday....actually all weekend...actually I had bouts of pain on Friday too when I was in the library...oh no that was Thursday come to think of it"
"So you're nearly a week in this state?"
"Well not quite as bad as last night, but, yes, I guess"

Anyway, my ipod is charged so I am off for some rest and recuperation.