Friday, January 29, 2010

One night turned into four days. Four long days. The problem is sorted (they hope) but a lot of the symptoms have not. I am now on four new medications and cocktails and have been let home.

They say these stomach problems may be a once off or a totally new stage in my life, one which I will have to get used to and look after. So one or the other. Got to love vagueness!! Of course I would love the former but am happy, or content, to settle with the latter.

Anyway at the moment it sort of feels like I sort of know what I'm doing, or supposed to be doing. A bit like going through a forest blindfolded and carving out a trail that I can follow.

Everything could be a LOT worse and four days on a transplant unit is a sobering reminder of that.

In the meantime I have the weekend to get used to a slightly altered medical routine, observing myself and observing my dog who has now developed a habit of fainting if he gets too excited. Interesting....