Monday, December 28, 2009

Sandy update

We brought little Sandy down to the vet on St Stephen's day to be put down. He was miserable as could be and we reckon he must be over 12 years old (although he acts and looks like a puppy). When we got there the vet said his temperature was sky high and he wanted to get some IVs and fluids into him as well as an abdominal scan. It all sounded a bit much considering they were looking for 'growths' and the like in his stomach, but sure Sandy is 12+ so even if they find something is it fair to put him through surgery etc?

ANYWAY, they took him away (cry!) and told us they'd phone in the morning. They phoned and said the scan had found nothing but he was still very ill. So they'd give it 24 more hours and then decide what to do.

Today we got a phone call saying his temperature was normal and he was back to being fine. I swear that dog has nine lives!!! It's been horribly lonely without him around the house, and whilst I acknowledge that he is "only" a dog he still has a major presence in our house!

I don't know what's going to happen next but fingers tightly crossed he will be ok.

Of course this makes me think of people who are ill this Christmas, and my thoughts go out to all the families who are dealing with difficult human situations right now.