Friday, January 08, 2010


Most of the news at the moment is dedicated to the "big freeze" that's going on. My flight home from London was cancelled last week (I did manage to get home later) and when we arrived, what we saw was a scattering of frost. To be fair it has got a lot worse since, but nothing on the scale of the UK or anything, just a LOT of ice.

I was busy during the week saying how I felt Ireland really went to extremes by way of practically closing down due to the ice; I had all of two lectures this week with about 10 people showing up, and the rest were cancelled. It was only ice after all.

Of course, that is, until I went out to my car to get to college at which point I got left with an imprint of my phone on my ass in bruise form. Our driveway is on a slope/hill. I went to put my hand out to open my car door, and the next thing I knew I was thinking "Oh my, I am falling!". My feet left the ground, I was momentarily frozen mid air, and then "clump" "crash" "bang", I was down. I was stunned and unbelievably embarrassed. I popped up and looked across the road to make sure there was nobody gawping over (there wasn't, but you can never be too sure - I once saw a neighbour fall off a ladder and I can bet by the way he reacted he was sure nobody had seen).

If my fall had paralysed me, it wouldn't have mattered, I sprang up and ran back inside to gather my laughter. To add insult to (actual) injury, I was wearing a big black puffa-jacket, and no hat, so I probably looked like a female Mrs Blobby with wild hair going everywhere. My brother came thundering down the stairs thinking I was having a seizure (no joke), turns out my laugh is slightly abnormal.

Anyway I eventually went back for attempt two and managed to keep both my feet on the ground this time. Although I'm sure I looked like a mad person laughing to myself the whole time. Later that evening my bum cheek hip area was naturally rather sore and when I looked at it the mirror, a perfect black, purple rectangular outline could be seen where my bum went down, phone in back pocket. In fact, if it weren't for the jeans I'd been wearing when I fell, I'm pretty sure you'd be able make out the 'LG' logo such was my bang!

Keep safe out there!