Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas...and lucky socks

It's the post morning Mass, pre afternoon snack time, and I'm uploading my new CDs on to my laptop so I thought I may as well pay here an ole visit. And, well.... I didn't get a car. Yet. I still have my fingers crossed...ahem.... I did receive lots of equally nice things though. My sister, the copycat, managed to buy my brothers and my mom the *exact* same things as I did. Only she bought hers up the north so had no way of returning them (although I suspect she would have found another excuse if she had bought them down the road). Luckily, because I am extremely nosey like to make conversation, I discovered this a few days ago and managed to change mine. And nobody had to know. Until now.

The sock factory must be very grateful for our family this year, I think we are responsible for at least half their profits this year judging on the number of pairs of socks that we all got. I think I alone got 12 pairs (no joke). And then bizarrely, last night I was coming back to my car after visiting a friend and I stepped on this Kenneth Cole bag that was beside my car door. Only when I stepped on it, did I realise there was something inside. I was a bit dubious about picking up what was essentially a piece of rubbish from the ground (not that I don't care about the environment or anything..) but luckily because I am extremely nosey am rather curious, I bent down and peered inside. And lo and behold, there were four pairs of socks!!! New socks I might add. So I instinctively kicked into Jessica Fletcher mode (without the murder) and thought if I could find the receipt, if it was paid by credit card, there might be a name or some clue of some sort. But alas, it was paid by cash (who would spend €20 on socks???) and it was purchased a week ago :( So not entirely sure what to do, I put the socks in my car, left the bag back on the ground and brought them home. I was told by my family to give them to my brothers. So that's what I did. They now own about 18 pairs of socks each, two of which are luxury wool socks.

In order to ''pay it on'' I think I'll go give some money to charity or something.

On a sadder note, my doggy is not so festive today. We were going to bring him to the vet to "say goodbye" but he seems to have perked up a little bit but unfortunately it doesn't look like he'll be with us long. I got a present from him today too, a Topaz gift card, seriously. We were joking last week, because the Topaz gift cards were being advertised on the radio. And I was like, who on earth would buy someone a gift card for a GARAGE?!?! It's like giving someone money...only unlike money, they can only spend it in a particular shop, in this case, a garage. Well obviously my Sandy didn't hear the jokes!