Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Little Bit of Sunshine Required

I've realised that lately it seems I'm all doom and medically gloom. Needs fixing. But just a quick update: Stomach is doing great. I've restarted my 24 hour insulin (an injection once a day aimed at keeping sugars controlled in between meal-insulin) having been off it for over a year.

In other news, (some of you know) in January I applied to a programme which, if successful, would send my profile to America in the hopes of getting placed at a Summer Camp for the summer. There were many hoops to be jumped through: First I had to fill out forms and forms of application, then I had to do an interview, then I had be accepted [by them], then I had to pass a police check. All of which, thankfully, I did. There was an element of relief when I learned of passing the last bit, there was that tiny bit of doubt on that one - you never do know!

So then you wait until a summer camp pick up your application and decide that they want you. It's kind of like sitting on a bench waiting to be picked for a team. Some people email camps they like the look of. Some people get placed quickly, others it can be the week before camp starts.

Well, 10 days after I got accepted, a camp decided they liked me enough to offer me a contract, working in drama/theatre. I had a look at the camp website, spoke to a girl who went last year, looked at the camp timetable, generally did a lot of research. I hummmed and hawwwwwed. And then I decided, sure what have I to lose? So on Thursday, I signed my contract and sent it back.

I leave mid June and finish camp mid-August. I have yet to decide what to do after that. There is already talk of travel in America, I have heard rumour about island-hopping in Greece. Who knows?

If you did not read this post here, it briefly explains the 'falling-through-the-gap' situation I found myself in this year. If I sit and wait for opportunities to come ringing my doorbell, I think I'll be sitting a while. I'm incredibly nervous about the summer, whilst truly excited too. I don't really feel comfortable talking about it freely yet (oh wait, whoops, public website) in case some hitch pops up which means I can't go. And no, my two inch scar which completes my 'stitched up, swen back together rag doll' look isn't going to stop me going.

So, yes, life, it's like one big wow.