Friday, March 13, 2009

I Hope They Used Industrial, High Quality Staples...

I was driving home from college this evening and I looked down and noticed a tiny mark on my top. When I used to 'leak' before my stomach stapling surgery, I would very regularly (nearly all the time) have marks on the inside of my tops where they had rubbed off the open leaky hole. So my natural instinct when I saw this mark was 'oh, a leak'. Then I realised two things:

1. I was wearing two tops, so for it to come all the way through was unusual.

2. WHAT THE HECK, I'm CLOSED, I shouldn't *beeeeeeee* leaking.

So at every stop in the traffic, I'd lift my top and try and see what was going on. Yes, I know, what other motorists must have thought - mind you, the truth that 'oh sorry, don't worry, I'm just leaking here' may not have exactly reassured them.

My wound until now has been covered by steri-strips. I'm not sure what they actually do, I think they're a bit like paper stitches. They were due to come off tomorrow, so I just removed them this evening.

At first, it looked like there was indeed a part of the scar that was open a bit (I'm talking the size of a pin) which was oozing. I had been thoroughly warned that this may happen. It all looked a bit messy-ish to be honest. So I put on a big dressing and left it.

It's drier now and overall it seems like a pretty tidy scar. Longer than I thought though (2 inches - I thought it'd would be about half that).

I'll put up a 'before, middle and after' photo next week, simply because some people in the future may wish to see what it looks like. Well, I know, I'd have liked to see what it looked like before I had surgery.