Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Tell My Sick Note

But I went back to college today. I'm fine.

Don't tell anyone else but I bought a 24 pack of Paracetamol on Thursday evening and they were gone by Saturday evening. I didn't really realise what I'd done until I realised the packet was empty. I didn't take too many or anything, but the packet says no more than 4 per 24 hours. Pah. I know I took more after I had a serious operation a few years ago, what does the packet know?

Anyway having sufficiently panicked myself into the fact that I may be a drug addict, I may have overdosed myself, I may have some mad psychological problem that would convince myself that I'd never get over the pain, I decided on Sunday I'd best take no more. So I continued to sleep a lot and I didn't [take any more]. And now I'm absolutely fine.

My brother and his girlfriend (I call them BeeGee) went off to Thailand this morning. We gave them Barry's tea having been convinced by the ad that that's what you do to remind someone of home. Safe travelling!!